About Pocono Reviews

Welcome to Pocono Reviews! The purpose of this site is to give reviews of desirable locations to eat, shop, get things done, and generally have a good time in the Pocono Mountains Region.

“But Mister Pocono Reviewer,” you might say, “there are already review Web sites out there! We can look at Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google for reviews of different places in the Poconos!” Yes, friend, you can, and the persons who run those sites are indubitably much smarter than I am. This site is a little different for a few reasons.

First, Poconoreviews.com doesn’t list negative reviews. That’s right…if you don’t see a place on this site, it’s because I haven’t been there, or I had a bad experience. The reasoning behind this? Everyone has a bad day. Both vendors and consumers can have an awful day where everything goes wrong. Fred from Dubuque, Iowa might have had a horrendous day, and decided to take it out on a restaurant in downtown Stroudsburg. Bashing a place doesn’t do anyone any good. So you won’t find that here.

Second, the review sites previously listed are, more often than not, crowdsourced by tourists who aren’t as familiar with the area as the locals. I am a local, and as such, I have visited the reviewed establishments on multiple occasions; some of them more than I’d like to admit. The reviews posted here will be done by myself or by a member of my very limited staff.

Finally, the reviews here will not have options for feedback. This isn’t because I don’t welcome feedback; there is an option for feedback directly to me via e-mail. I welcome critiques, input, suggestions and correspondence, but I have been of the experience that Internet debating rarely stays civil.

Please enjoy the site!